Reverse 911

Emergency notification technology to improve communications and keep our residents informed and safe

In 2009 the Carmel Highlands FPD and the Cypress FPD implemented an automated telephone, cell phone and email notification system referred to as “Reverse 911.” The computer based map and data system allows for dissemination of emergency information to residents and businesses by land line, cell phone and email. This rapid delivery of information to the entire community or specific areas provides important information or potentially life-saving instructions in times of crisis.

Carmel Highlands FPD and Cypress FPD cost shared the purchasing of the system, which is identical to one that the Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) Fire Department has been using for three years. The two systems mirror each other for backup purposes and messages can be remotely sent from either system.

Fire department staff can reach all Highlands residents in a matter of minutes or we can send messages to reach a small group, for example our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or a very localized neighborhood for a smaller emergency event. Geographic calling zones are easily created based on immediate circumstances, or in advance based on our disaster planning efforts.

The system allows us to draw a polygon around a given area, record a written and audio message and then tell the software to notify every phone within that polygon, as well as send an email to each resident in that area who is on our email list. You can be out of the area, yet receive notification on your cell phone or via email.

Reverse 911 is used to alert residents or special list groups of events like wildland fires, gas leaks, tsunamis, or other hazardous conditions or to notify our volunteer firefighters or CERTs when needed. It is also an excellent tool to notify a neighborhood of a missing resident. We take great care in ensuring that we only activate the system in a true emergency, and we do not share our data with any outside entity.

NOTE: P.O. Box Users

For residents who receive their monthly telephone bill at a post office box, please contact AT&T at the telephone number listed below and ask that your physical address be included on your account bill. This will ensure that the data we receive from AT&T includes your physical address, which is required for us to be able to send a Reverse 911 call to your home or business phone.

Submit your Reverse 911 information.

AT&T Business Office

1-800-288-2020 for residential customers
1-800-750-2355 for business customers

Download Reverse 911 PDF